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How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Pull Your Sweet Tooth with These Tips


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Cravings only last a few minutes? I doubt that. Just the picture of that donut at the top of the article is probably going to haunt me for the rest of the day.

Replace sweet things with healthier options like fruit? Tried that. The craving didn't go away so I only ended up with the extra calories from the fruit.

Sugar is an addiction just like any other drug. Try telling "ignore your cravings for a few minutes" to a heroine addict and see how well that works. Report
Sometimes sugar cravings are more. There is an addiction just like any other addiction. Eating a pc of fruit that is sweet only increases the desire to eat sweet things for an addict. Report
@LILA70 lol Report
Know what would help me with sugar cravings? Not showing me a picture of a delicious-looking doughnut. Report
Any information about sugar is good for the public to know. So much of our health is destroyed by the overuse of sugar. I was not aware of the wait period of sugar either. Thank you for posting. Report
In my many, many attempts to diet, I've noticed that I'm sensitive to products that contain wheat. Also, I have GERD, and I've noticed that I have little or no heartburn, if I stay away from sugar. Unfortunately, I can still consume High Fructose products, just not regular cane sugar or products that say "Sugar" as one of the ingredients. That helps me stay away from doughnuts, chocolate, many sweets and treats - the heartburn makes it so not worth it! My fave cereal is oatmeal with a half cup of pumpkin, a tsp of vanilla, and a little honey - yum! Tastes like a dessert! Report
Our ancestors didn't live very long, and life was not as pleasurable as it is for us, so it didn't matter to them how good the food tasted in the first place, as long as they had some. Report
I just wonder what did our ancestors do when there was nothing like sugar available? Report
Realistically, some of these things "work", some of the time, but never forever, I've been doing this stuff since age 12 1/2, mind you..............I still want to have something sort of sweet that tastes really good, fruit does not "cut it", in the end........... Just cut back if you can and be thankful that you can do that, I'm 68 years old, and still want to have a good piece of chocolate cake or something now and then. That's just the way it is, all the "hints and tips" in the world won't change that. Report
I will get up and find something to do and occupy my mind and I find that I can forget about it sometimes...not all the time but it works Report
Waiting for my cravings to pass just doesn't work for me. Kudos for those who can! If I don't eat the food I'm craving, I'll continue to crave it for days, sometimes weeks, and will often feel physically unable to eat at all if it's not the food I want. I hate it and am hoping slow switches will work for me. Switch from soda to diluted juice, etc. Report
First step (for me) was to "Stop buying sugar" and rid my home of sugar.
Second and third steps were to find a sugar substitute when I felt the need to give in to the craving (apples, strawberries, blueberries, etc) helped.
I found Truvia and liquid Stevia drops that I use in my water. I started reading labels and was amazed at the sugar content of things I thought were low in sugar.
I started making (baking) my own snacks since it was healthier.
I browsed the internet and found a few good sites: great recipes for snacks and desserts and (great for baking products like Dixie Carb Counters Muffins).
I've been sugar free 4 months now and lost 15 lbs in the process. I love making & baking my own snacks. Check out those links above.

sugar cravers .......please read : Food Triggers * End your cravings Eat well and Live Better by Rhona Epstein, Psy. D

It's amazing and very helpful to some.

thank you! (hugs) Report
I had gotten to the place where I wanted something sweet after every meal and I had gained about 15 lbs. after maintaining for 5 years.
Several months ago I saw a team entitled "ONE HUNDRED DAYS TO A NEW YOU".
I joined it and immediately said I will go 100 days without sweets. A teammate befriended me and that helped as she wanted to do the same. (she later disappeared)
She encouraged me by saying after a week it would be so much easier. And it has been!!! I am so proud that I have gone 72 days without sweets and am just 6.4 lbs. away from my goal.
I have discovered that when you fill your body with good solid food, not idle calories, you don't get very hungry.
My 100 days will end just before my 60th wedding anniversary and I will have some sweets for a few days, then go back to complete another 100 days with NO Sweets!
(BTW - I bake all the time, dip chocolates, and make others happy, but I don't even lick my finger.) Report
I think this article is off the mark, not written by anyone who has had food issues for a long time. These kinds of "solutions" have been around since Weight Watchers Jean Niditch in the 1950's, and they haven't solved or changed anything for the majority of us at all. Experts need to understand there is more to it than "have a little of this or that" behind any kind of food craving, plus, what works one time may not work another, and so forth, life being the way it is. I think there is no cure, a person can try to control it, but that's about it. Report

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