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7 Secrets to Outsmarting Your Supermarket


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Great article! Report
I never even see end caps. When they put sale items on an end cap I can never find them. Report
Great article! Report
Thanks for the shopping tips. Report
Don't shop when hungry. Report
Great tips for battling the subliminals throughout the groceria Report
This is perfect timing - going shopping this weekend Report
This is very helpful. Thank you! Report
I always make a list and then stick to it.. I have to avoid the bakery aisle because one doughnut leads to another Report
I don't quite agree with the avoid the bakery aisle idea. Good to not eat sweets but when you're hankering for a donut or a cookie or a piece of cake go to the bakery. Get 1 donut, not a dz, 1 cookie not a package. That way you can scratch that itch but not have a whole package to scratch it with. Report
It makes it much easier to pass sweets with no more than an "Ah-h-h, that smells so-o-o good," when you are allergic to gluten, sugar gives you an ornery case of stiff painful joints, & dairy gives you sinus impactions! I don't like to hurt or be sick, so I have little trouble passing up the sweets. Report
I have to be careful even with the fruits and veggies. Some fruits are very high in sugar but not much fibre and some times what we know as veggies are actualy carbs. Report
thank you Report
I disagree ~ The same rule does not apply to non-food items like toiletries, cleaning products and household items. Buy in bulk when they're on sale. If you have the room stock up, you'll save in the long run. Report
I keep a running list on the fridge, then stick to my list when I go to the store unless I remember something that is not on the list that we really need. Report

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