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The Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Beyond the Winter Blues


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Thank you for this article. I used to get a mild form of SAD (I thought it was just cabin fever) but when I moved to Florida, it disappeared! Report
I did not know that treatment starts with about 45 minutes of light therapy. I got something called human charger. They're earbuds with lights on them. 15 to 30 minutes in the morning helped me the shortest days of winter. Report
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As a California girl who loves to garden, I do find Winter to be way too long. No energy at all, seems to come back about April when the days clear up. Report
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interesting Report
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I love all the Seasons as life is too short. After years of convincing myself that I had some disorder or another, I learned that I all I needed was to eat what my body required such good healthy macro and micronutrients opposed to another expensive prescription. Every season brings beauty. Report
I find winter challenging. Thanks for the info. Report
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Great article to shed light on a very real thing. Report
Thank you! Report
I have also found taking a vitamin D3 supplement daily this year to be helpful. Report
Thanks. Report

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