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Fruit and Vegetable Gardening A-Z: Beets

A Guide to Gardening, Growing and Harvesting Edibles


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I love beets and beet tops! I grow them almost every year in my garden. When I don't, they are pretty reasonable at our farmers' market so I buy them there. Report
I hope you can help me with me beets - 3 yrs ago I had a very successful beet season, last year and this year it appears something eats the beet greens & then the beet bulb does not grow. A friend suggested spraying the greens with a hot pepper/water mix (as I want to grow as organic as possable). It has worked a bit, but it is also very tiem consuming to go out & spary after every watering & rain. Any suggestions as to keeping my beet greens so I can get a successful harvest? Thank you Report
Great article. Thanks. Report

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