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Fruit and Vegetable Gardening A-Z: Asparagus

A Guide to Gardening, Growing, and Harvesting Edibles


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We have asparagus! Report
Great information! Thank you! Report
I planted asparagus from seed four years ago and we are now enjoying it! Well worth the wait and they have been very little work. I have raised beds and put one row down the middle of them so that it does not take much space. They are easy to cut while the seeds are sprouting next to them and when the other shorter plants come up later they shade the soil around the asparagus and I do not have to weed them all summer. It also looks nice with its fern like top, you could put some in the back or centre of a flower bed, florists use it in flower arrangements. Report
I grew up on a farm and we had asparagus bushes in the garden and I remember having so much of it at meal time. I laugh when I see how expensive it is now in the grocery stores. Report

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