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A Gardener's Guide to Starting Seeds Indoors

Get a Jump on the Gardening Season!


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Good, clear advice. Thank you! Report
Good info Report
This year is my first attempt at gardening. I have read tons of books and articles online and a week ago finally planted my first seeds. I had lettuce pop up within about 2.5 days, same with convolvulus. The remainder except the daisies which have not sprouted at all were peeking through around day 5. Last night I transplanted the seedlings that were ready into larger growing containers (I used red solo cups with holes poked in bottom) and gave them some water with 50% strength fertilizer in it. It has only been about 14 hours but I can happily report the leaves are darker green in color and all transplants seem happy in their temporary home. I am loving the gardening and learning about it has been just as fun. I am blogging my misadventures As a journal of sorts. feel free to check it and any feedback is greatly appreciated.
ers.html Report
I always seem to have problems starting from seeds. My plants get leggy and I either start them to early to plant out doors or when I transplant them to a larger pot they die. I just find it less stressful to just buy them. I keep trying but I must be doing something wrong. I even thought it could be my water. Will have to try again. Report
I invested in a special grow light system a couple of years ago, and want to upgrade next Winter. It is more economical, and a new fun skill to learn. Report
My garden has started looking pretty lush this year. Last year it was quite sparse with a few Zucchini taking over the whole plot. The experience I gained however gave me the skills to plant the right plants this year and produce a good yield. Or it could be that I just got better seeds this year.
use-wildflower-seed-mixes.html Report
Appreciate the tips! I was shocked to open my seed packets recently and find so few seeds. One only had three seeds in it!! I went back to the store and the rest of similar packets only had six. Planted same flowers last year from one packet. Arrgh!! Like so many other things.. price is up and packages are smaller. Makes careful starting even more important. Report
I love my garden. Can't wait for the summer to come. It look so pretty when they coming up. But this year I want be able to have a garden because I am having a right shoulder replacement. Report
I am new to SparkPeople and am in the process of learning to navagate the website. I am really excited that I found this article. I am also a new retiree and am looking for activities to fill my day. I'm into this one!!!

Thanks Report
Regarding the tickleme plant. I have one in my classroom. My student is the asian girl sitting on the front steps in the commercial! I'm soooo proud of her. At the beginning of the school year she brought me the plant starter kit. It's so cool! Report
I love the TickleMe Plant. It is the only houseplant that MOVES when you Tickle It. This is no joke. The leaves fold up and even the branches fall down when Tickled? If you have kids or Grandkids it's a must product. SEE VIDEO! You may not believe your eyes but it is real. Report
My father always planted by the OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC and had great gardens. Report

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