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The 10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow

Ease into the Garden with These Plants


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Time to get my garden going. Report
I used to garden. I don't have time for it now. It wears on me more than it's worth. Report
I grow my own my own vegetables. Report
I don't find any of these plants are easy to grow in North Texas. If the weather doesn't get to my plants the animals do. Report
i've grown many of these when ever i had a good place to do so Report
I wish I could grow all those. Instead, I am lucky if I can get some tomatoes to grow and maybe a couple of zucchini. Nothing else ever seems to grow. Report
Love growing some of my own veggies. Report
Very informative Report
Great article! Report
My DH built me raised waist height planters that I can do from my wheelchair. I plant tomatoes, beans, radishes, green onions & lettuce. Report
I've been growing and preserving food over 30 years. Here are a few things I've learned:

When you grow bell peppers remember to let the peppers change color before picking them because they're better that way, and having ripe peppers instead of green ones is one of the advantages of growing a garden. And grow hot peppers too. One of my favorites is jalapenos, which I pickle (using the same liquid I use to pickle cucumbers). Cayenne dries really well. I dry it in a dehydrator, pulverize it in a food processor, and run it through a screen to make cayenne powder. I use it in all kinds of things, even put a little in my fruit smoothie I have for breakfast.

Tomatoes are good for making and preserving excellent salsa and pasta sauce (among other things), so grow all you have room for (and grow lots of peppers too because they go in these sauces). I also slice them thin and dry them on a dehydrator, pulverize them in a processor, and run them through a screen. This preserves them very well and keeps the nutrition intact, and it doesn't take up much space in the pantry since it's concentrated. A 1:1 mix of this powder and water makes tomato paste; a 2:1 mix makes tomato sauce. I also add this powder to my salsa and pasta sauce to thicken it. This powder will last forever as long as you keep it dry. Also, don't forget that the greatest honor a tomato can have in life is to be featured on a BLT. And remember that cherry tomatoes have a better taste than grape tomatoes; the latter are a Roma variety, and while Romas are good for cooking, they don't taste as good as other varieties.

Kale is one of the best greens to grow, being a hardy plant and a superfood. I like to cut mine up and steam it and eat it with oil and vinegar dressing. I also dry it and pulverize and screen it, and when I don't have fresh greens I put a tablespoon of this powder in the fruit smoothie I have for breakfast. Based on informal experimentation, a tablespoon is roughly equal to a kale leaf the size of a dinner plate. So it's like adding a small salad to the smoothie. And drying preserves the nutrition.

I make pesto out of basil. Other herbs and veges are good for this too: celery leaves, beet greens, rosemary, mint (one of my favorites), dill, sage, parsley, and others. I usually do a mix, depending on what I have most of, and I like at least half to be basil. And if you do grow basil, do some research on how and when to prune and harvest it.

And don't forget Okra, which is another superfood. Pickle it just like you do cucumbers, and throw in a jalapeno or two in each jar to give it a little bite. Remember that Okra will sneak up on you and get too big suddenly. If you let the fruit get more than three or four inches long it gets woody and useless. Report
Now that we are older we went to container gardening. It’s easier on the back.
Thanks for the great information. Report
I should try this. I bet it is very satisfying. Report
I am going to try a couple in containers. Report
Many apartment dwellers and other renters can grow several potted vegetables, berries and herbs inside or even on the out on the porch in the summer in pots. Just make sure you pick smaller growing varieties and you may need grow lights inside especially during short days. Some plants that are not cold tolerant can be kept growing inside during the coder months. Report

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