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Are You Wearing the Right Sports Bra?

A Guide for Women of All Shapes and Sizes


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This article is exactly what I was needing. I have not been a fan of the sports bras available in the stores. Just never felt like they actually supported anything. Where I work is extremely rough, at times the road conditions are horrible and at the end of a 12 hr shift the girls are begging for relief. Now after loosing a bunch of weight (85lbs) I'm in need of a new bra so just placed order for one at Enell that raspberry one was calling out my name. Thanks again for this wonderful article. Report
While i was reading this article, it dawned on me that it might be time to get new sports bras. Mine are about 2-3 years old Report
thanks Report
So glad I read this article. Really had no ideal there was a correct way to do it myself. Years ago, did go to a bra specialty shop and was fitted a very knowledgeable saleslady. Even though, we were finding the proper fit, I wasn't really impress with design, Bless her.. Said she had an ideal what I would be happy about. Boy, did she ever get it right. Bought six of them! Well, worth the cost. Lasted years. Report
Sooooo necessary to be wearing the right bra in the right size! Report
hadn't realized all the differences, very informative article Report
I appreciate the step by step clear instructions. Thank you. Report
Great information! Report
My problem is that the style of Champion sports bra I was using for many years seems to be no longer sold anywhere. I checked their web site, to see if I could order replacements from the company, but I didn't see that style or any other sturdy all cotton options. I am allergic to many synthetic fibers. Everything (all brands) I see offered now that is sturdy enough for me is made from stuff I am allergic too and will cause itching and rashes. I guess I am still going to be looking. My problem is uncommon, but not unique. There should be some options for us, but they are so hard to find. Report
great Report
Upgraded my uniboob bra to a cupped sports bra. Best investment ever. Report
Good article, thanks! Report
Great help, thanks. Just bought a new one. Report
great. Report

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