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7 Rewarding Resolutions to Make This Year

Set Positive Resolutions for Positive Results


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For years I've had the same resolution with no outcome, "Lose weight, be healthier." I finally gave up on resolution making on New Years. This year, I'm inspired and this article really got it kickin' this morning. I can't wait to explore the possibilities and put them into action! Report
This is a great article to read this day; it just gives you so many options other than your weight...I am going to focus on organiation of my home and that will take my mind off food Report
I love each one of these resolutions, especially the last one. This article is going on the top of my "Favorites" list!!

Happy New Year!! :) Report
2 things that really hit home and have been on my to do list for a long time...
1. Get organized! I love the feelign of a clean house, now I need to clean up all the hiddin junk!
2. Learn to play an instrument. A guitar sits abandoned somewhere in a closet and it is going ot get dusted off and put to use! Report
I enjoyed what I could read. Unfortunately the ad that came up while I was reading had the printing across the black pants of the woman shown. Black pants, black print = parts that were impossible to read. Report
Denise Schofield's "Confessions of an Organized Housewife" and Pam Young/Peggy Jones' "From Pigpen to Paradise" are two books on getting organized that are fun and yet VERY helpful. Being organized saves a LOT of money. Pam & Peggy admit to having had A.D.D. back when it was called "ditzy, scatterbrained, and airhead." So, they put a new twist on a real problem. Report
What a great idea to do something positive for your self instead of making promisess that you may not keep! Report
This is great. I had already decided to learn to rollerblade as soon as it's warm enough. I think I'm going to add the organization resolution to my list. Report
Very nice article. Report
This is a great article with some really helpful tips! I think it's a great idea to set goals that you want to strive for, instead of depriving yourself of anything. I absolutely loved to draw as a kid, and took a beginning drawing class at our local community college last summer, but haven't kept up on my sketches. My new year's resolution is to find that passion that I had as a child and nurture it. Thank you for the suggestions! Report

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