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7 Rewarding Resolutions to Make This Year

Set Positive Resolutions for Positive Results


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This looks very helpful! Report
thank you for writing this article. I really needed this. Report
This sounds a lot more fun than "I shalt not...."

I'm going to volunteer at a food pantry this afternoon (my second time - just started last week), and will be donating blood afterwards (only have one afternoon off work and the last couple weeks were busy.)

I have no definite plans for the weekend - might do some organizing around my desk, or try again to learn to cross-country ski. :) We've got plenty of snow on the ground. Report
Thank you for this positive article- it's much appreciated! Report
Love this article! Get Organized and Dream again.... ;-)
Thank you! Report
I like it. The first one to be used by me is organization followed by making vision boards and art work, exercise (big time), creative cooking and music. Report
Some really good ideas, and everything was so positive. Thanks. Report
Such an inspiring article! I'd like to add another resolution -- update your resume! Even if you have a job, it's always good to look back at your resume and add things that you've done in the last few years. I have to get mine in order because I'm applying for a job (that's my first new year's resolution), but I'm surprised at how old my resume is! It's nice to sit down and think about all the things you've accomplished in the past and to make note of it. Besides, if you're going to change jobs or looking for a job, it's wise to prepare! Report
Really enjoyed the positive focus of this it had some great ideas to start the NY off right! Report
Great and timely advice! Thanks! Report
Loved this. Mmmm..... Dream again. It seems that the more we "know", the more it limits our dreams. Thank you. Report
Great article! I especially like that each idea has suggestions for how to get started. Great comments too! Report
Great article! Thanks for specific how-tos. Report
Love this article! I've actually started doing a couple of those suggestions this year, and look forward to next year. Report
Some great ideas. I've already started organizing the house and dumping quite a few of the NG foods. Joined a group class that starts next week. I'm cleaning the office New Years Day so I can start the year fresh with a new attitude and some pumped up goals. Report

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