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Using Friend Feed and Status Updates on SparkPeople!

How to Find and Use These Community Features


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Great information! Thank you! I need all the help I can get! Report
This is a fantastic feature, and would really benefit from being more easily found. Why not also add it to the community menu? Or as a toggle for the community feed?

Good article, but it needs to be updated. Report
Connecting with people in like same positions is so helpful. Can't go it alone. Report
Still cannot find the friend feed. When I go to the Community tab at the top there is NO Friend feed in my drop down box. How will I ever find it? Report
Don't begin to like the idea of the friend feed - it's something that would keep me from my real life which is hard enough, I would probably spend all day looking at posts - not productive or mentally good - for me and in my case FOMO would apply after a short time. Not going there, sorry. Report
Learn something new every day.
Had no idea there was a friend feed or any of the other things in todays article.
May never find them again, but interesting. Report
This article is not accurate! Weight lost is NOT private by default. It is at the top of the list that is shared, and everything is shared by default. Personally, I think weight loss is something to be proud of, buy your article is lying about it! Report
i don't like this much but it told me i had to do do this. Report
Friend feed is very difficult for older people since the checking process is not very clear. I try to comment and I get a message saying I am not recognized I have no account. I have been here loving it for 3 years but Friend feed can be useful when and if you find it. Report
Why? Report
I detest friend feed - I never heard of the "SparkGuy" but I get stuff from him.
I can't figure out how to eliminate it altogether. Report
I love the friend feed, but wish there were a way to track conversations. Report
I wish it were easier to see who has posted comments back to my Status Updates. I have to go to my Sparkpage, then to Feed, then to my own feed. I wish comments would show on my start page under my Status Update.
Also its not easy to comment on someone else's status Update. You can't do it on their Sparkpage directly to the update. You have to find it in your friend feed.It's pretty cumbersome. Report
The friend feed is great! It keeps me up to date with my friends and I enjoy commenting on their status changes and blogs. It's a way to keep in touch. I love SparkPeople! Report

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