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The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food


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We have been gardening for many years. I can and freeze just about everything Report
thanks Report
And if you live in an apartment or don't have a yard, consider getting an indoor planting system! Report
Thank you! I love my garden so much. Report
I love the outdoors but limited with my knee Report
i like to pick from my own garden Report
People are hoping to convince our provincial government (Ontario, Canada) that community veg gardens are a necessity this year. At the moment, they're closed and being called 'non-essential'. People with low incomes and those working in food banks completely disagree. Inexpensive food, exercise, a chance for being outdoors and the mental energy that brings - what's not to like??!! Sure hope our government listens - and changes their policy. Report
Goid info Report
Going through seed catalogues as the snow falls. Can't wait for spring. Report
I enjoy gardening and harvesting; I harvested almost 40 lbs of potatoes from my garden today, I started with 25 seed potatoes. Report
Any articles on container gardening? I live in a Condo with a lot of sun and space on my porch. Thank you. Report
Excellent article! Thanks for sharing this one! Report
thanks Report
I love picking a fresh tomato right off the vine to put in a salad. Report

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