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Daily Stretching Routine

10 Stretches You Can Do Anywhere!


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Is there an easy way to print this out in a summarized form? I have already written down some of the information. Report
I do many of these stretches as soon as I get to my desk each day. It helps relieve tension before it starts. Report

These are the stretches I do every day, They really help

Love it. Thanks Report
I'll have to try these out! They'll be great before running! Report
When is it best to stretch? Before or after a workout?
I agree with Slimstrong. Video would be nice. Plus most of these seem really simple and doable at anytime, anywhere. Thanks Report
It would be great if sp had a video of this. I could just follow it after I run! Report
This is article is totally effective and a good reminder to stretch after your workout the illustrations are helpful too and will be used until the technique is is mastered especially for the triangle pose. I would like to make notes about which exercise I will stretch after because I suspect that if I stretch the muscle group that has been worked directly or shortly after working them, the discomfort should be elimited or not as sever. An example- toro twist after or before standing towel bends or hip and gluteal stretch after airplanes, runner's lunges and swimming. Or I can continue with the exercises three days a week and Stretch one day of the week, on the day of rest. Duh Duh Duh-I will save this article Report
I'm going to add these to my fitness routine. I already have some my PT prescribed for me. Report
How do I add stretching exercises to the My Fitness page? It wouldn't be a cardiovascular exercise or strength training.
Something that would be helpful is and "ADD IT" button that we can press to add the exercise to our Fitness page after we do an exercise video that is featured on SparkPeople. Report
oh god, i LOVE Rodney Yee!

i have many many of his videos... but it is nice to find a more simple stretching routine to do daily.... Report
This is right on time! Thanks! Report
This is great! I just saved it to my favorites so I can go back to it over & over again until I have them all committed to memory. I have been doing more upper body & core exercises of late & have had stiffness in my neck & shoulders. I am sure this will help. Thanks! Report
Thanks, this is great. I love using RODNEY YEE'S Yoga videos, but this is a good change. Report

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