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What Does 300 Calories Really Look Like?

See Pictures of 300, 350, and 400-Calorie Meals


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Thank you for this article! Great pictures and meal comparisons! Report
Thank you for the cool visuals. Report
And Unfortunately, on most of these it mean that one who is trying to lose weight shouldn't eat out and enjoy a whole meal of any kind. Eating out on a diet is so hard. Report
Thanks. Report
Goode article but the sandwiches leave out any condiments and leave it rather dry.What about including mustard or a low-fat mayonnaise? Report
Excellent article, excellent examples of calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Report
Great visuals. The food looks yummy and the portions are not bad. Report
Very good article-love the sweet potato Report
Love the waffle comparison! Report
Great article now I know how to pick the perfect meals Report
This is an awesome example of why to weigh & measure foods rather than eyeballing portions. Report
This is a great article with great visuals! Report
What an eye opening article! I always knew restaurant mead were calorie packed but WOW! To see a side-by-side comparison!!! Thank you for putting this out there! Report
Thanks for posting a variety of meals. Report
Thanks for sharing Report

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