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10 Ways to Save Money at the Gym

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One great way to save money is to not go to a gym, workout at home!
I'm happy that DH and I found a no-contract gym that doesn't require auto-pay. Report
Good info to read over and over and over until it sticks & stays with you. Report
I use to have a membership but no more. I chip in on a friend's membership which allows me to use the pool and gain access to the racquetball court. Report
No gym for me either. I walk outside, I have a treadmill, weights and bands at home! Report
No gym for me. I learned the hard way. I sign a contract, show up for a few weeks, then I stop going. Report
thanks Report
I joined a gym recently because they had a great deal on the price since they’re opening a new local location. I even got a free t shirt . They have delayed the opening and I’m irritated . I would have to drive an extra 25 miles to the nearest gym after working away from home all day 8 1/2 hrs plus 2 hrs driving town to and from work to go until this one opens . It seemed like a good idea with cold weather coming but now I wish I was out of the contract . Report
I prefer to go outside Report
At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets. - Steve Maraboli ~ 3/2/18 Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
great. Report
Part of finding the right gym is making sure you feel comfortable working out there, and in a sense, belonging to this community - whether you participate in the group classes or just use the machines. I've read some comments here blasting the YMCA, and I just wanted to post that I've had nothing but good experiences at my local Y, both the one I go to near my office and the one near our home. Part of the good vibes/dynamics has to do with the community itself and the investment made into its people and the physical space. I love my YMCA and I invest in it with my time and money. I think the right gym is crucial for those who want the best experience out of their gym, but it may take time to find that right fit. I understand that it may not be an option for everyone, but if it is, take the time to find your home away from home. Report
I have worked at 2 YMCA's and was a member for over 30 years. After having heel surgery one year and shoulder surgery 11 months later I was out of work for six and a half months. I applied for financial aid at the Y and was given a $40 reduction in my yearly membership. I explained to them my length of out of work time and that was unable to afford my membership and they told me, "well you can apply again after you return to work." So yes the YMCA does turn away people who cannot afford the membership. Report

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