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Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well! I am not really sure what to do here so if anyone can help Please feel free. I am doing well this week and staying on track. Thank You Spark People Report
i can NOT figure out how to post a blog. i am finally in tears after looking all over this site for the new entry "button" that supposed to be here for about an hour and a half.....ridiculous. Report
I'm rather new to this and not where to start so here goes! i'm 56 i weight 220lbs and i'm 5"2 i'm raising my four grandaughters ages 6,8,10,12 years and my 24 years old daughter lives with me she was shot in her head in 1998 she's very well she can helps around the house i also have my first grandson living with me his 18 now be grauduating june 2nd going to college but still living home my husband is very hateful by the words he use towards me and my weight he is a drinker i'm so depresssed about my life and it causes me to eat more my i so called best friend nolonger really talks to me why i don't know but now i'm tried of trying to be there for everyone is there any help for me concerning eating habits recipes i love fruits and veggies. Report
I had a mocha without any sugar and I was okay until it got busy at work and I dumped a lot of sugar into it, reheated it and drank the rest of it. Report
This is showing how many calories are in food I eat from restaurants. I can't believe I just ate over 1000 at lunch. My daughter took my to lunch at The Boarder for Mother's Day. If I fixed the same thing at home it would have saved me more than half the calories. This is opening my eyes. Kathy Report
I just started within the week, but what I do know is that if we stick to the plan; we will succeed. I walked for 30 minutes yesterday and I really felt stiff afterward. I know it is because I have a desk job and I just sit most of the day.
I will walk again tomorrow. I know that this will work if I continue I will be successful and we all can work at this together.
We need to leave the negative attitude out. We need to be positive in order for all this to work. Being negative gets us no where. I have had plenty of practice with it. I know.
Hope everyone the best! Report
Too much crap on this!! i am out of here......... Report
I join today enen i have been on this weight lose plan on my own for 6 months now and am unsure how this going to help me but i am willing to try some new .....but good luck to every one ! Report
Today is my first day to really truly do something for me! I am going to follow the Spark people diet to make the changes I need to make for me! Wish me luck everybody! :) Report
I am really loving Spark People. I have struggled with my weight since I was 16 years old. I have always been a yo-yo dieter and weight gainer. I have the hardest time loosing weight. I have done every diet known to man and still struggle with this problem. Spark people shows me that I rarely eat my allotted calories, but the choice I make are high in fat. So I need to eat more high protein and veggies. Thank you for this site. It is even better than weight watchers. Thank you to everyone who has sent me a message. I think it is as simple as diet and exercise as hard as that is... Report
I have a hard time giving up my craving for potatoes chip's and pop even candy
so far i have gone about a month with no pop .about 3 weeks no chips , than i gave candy
which was really hard . .
You see i lived on that for years . i grew up eat that . what a shame . Report
I want to let the people who are in charge of "The Best of Spark People Daily" know just how much I enjoy the page with 'Todays Feature" the Quotes and the little cartoons and reading about others accomplishments. GREAT JOB! Thank You Report
You enter blog entries on your Sparkpage : ) Report
I've seen recently a button on blogs saying "share post with others" is there a way to turn that's off? Report
how could I start a blog here .. cant see any options anywhere ....... HELPPP ....... Report

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