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180 Pre-Party Website Report
hoping to loose a few. can't go to fast because of my heart. Iwalk when I can trying to stay positive auntnet2 Report
How to start new Blog..???? Report
i am looking for feed back on why i always have low sugars. I am eating right and snacking taking insulin right so why the low sugars please someone help me Thank you Report
This is my first day on Sparkpeople. I've been going to the gym for an hour 5 days per week and have not lost weight. I'm hoping that tracking my food will help me because I have 50 pounds to lose! :0 Report
I can't chew hard food I use the blender how can I use the blender without bloing up more than I am Report
im struggling right now to lose the weight i somehow gained after christmas... i wont give up though ... i guess you can say im a yoyo person up and down the weight wheel... id sure like to be steady but i havent figured out how to do that yet...

im trying to get in more exercise ive started to play basketball indoors and i love doing that.... Report
thank u for this website,from Trinidad ( 3rd fattest nation) and we are a small island in the caribbean,fast food chains are killing us,but we all can make better choices an help each other ,thank u for giving me an option Report
Almost everything is written about lose weight. For my part, I need to earn a few kilos. Report
I find most articles very interesting and informative, and extremely motivational. "Knowledge is power !" Report
I am a type 1 diabetic and I want to lose about 20 lbs. I have beeb trying trying to lose weight and get healthier for about 2 months now. I joined a gym which i go the min of 4 times a week. I take spinning, zumba and strengh training class. I have cut back on calories and geting no where. I have only lost about 5 lbs. and thats it. I feel better I enjoy going to the gym and working out. I need help maybe what I'm eating isn't working for me. HELP. I don't know what to do. Shelly Report
I started today using the food tracker. I was out and about all day eating on the run. I was shocked to see just how many calories I ate. I think using the food tracker and help from Spark People I will get back on track and lose the weight I want to lose. To all just starting do not leave out foods you eat on the food tracker. Be honest with your self and it will help you in the long run. If you are like me you eat and do not even think about it. I wish everyone good luck. If you don'ty succeed try, try try again. Do not give up! Report
I think , Spark people is a very good way to keep track and keep focused on your goals and it can be fun too and very informational with all the articles available to you . Report
What a terrific article for new comers to have available! Report
Tracking every bite and having it calculated for me is a wonderful tool.. I've kept to under 1400 calories each day-Yippee!!! Report

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