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21 Ways to Slim Down Your Thanksgiving Feast

Comfort Foods Without All the Calories


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Thank you. Report
Thanks! Report
These are some good ideas Report
You are what you think. Always think positive, empowering thoughts and your life will welcome positive opportunities! Report
I have never basted my turkey except with its own drippings. Report
I use olive oil and flour to make my roux for the gravy. I make my stock from turkey necks the week before. That way I can skim off the fat and have pure stock. I make cornbread dressing (I'm from the Deep South), and that is my biggest indulgence.
Remember, it's only one day, and if you overindulge, get right back on track. Report
The usual tips, but really, if you have to be so darned picky about Thanksgiving, it's no fun at all, just stay home by yourself and eat your dumb salad!! Report
There's a Caloric Control Council? I never heard of it before. They're not doing to well. They haven't found McDonalds, BurgerKing, Taco Bell, or Kentucky Fried Chicken yet. Just wondering what they are doing and how long they've been around. Joking aside, this article has some great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. I've already planned a healthy meal and will stick to it.
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! Report
I just hate to keep reading articles containing the "egg yolks are bad" mantra, which has recently been debunked.
(Then I realized, after noticing when comments have been made, that this article was written before the new research has become public knowledge.)
Otherwise, lots of good tips. Report
These are all great ideas of how to cut calories from the main foods. But what about the side dishes. the snacks before the meal? You can have a meals worth of calories in just that.
There is usually salads at dinner too. You can be watchful on what kind you eat. how much dressing you use.
Then the hot buttered dinner rolls.
Thanksgiving Day feast can undo a weeks worth of healthy eating.
I go into the day knowing i will eat more. But portion control what it is. You don't need a lot of something to enjoy it. And there are some foods i can give up . had them too much, don't need them. like the Green bean concoction. I's rather use those calories for oyster dressing. There are some foods that are only served on
this day, thats what I want.
the days leading up and after i watch carefully what I eat.
I usually try to get a bunch of us together for activity, weather permitting , work off calories. Or we play some kind of action game inside. Get everyone up and dance.
Once I lost the weight. I find my need for such large amounts of food is gone.
I want to enjoy the day, but feel good about it afterward.
Tisha Report
Thanks for the tips, you've definitiely go me thinking. For years I cooked a 22- 25 lb turkey every year, now I buy 2 turkeys 12-15 lbs each.. I cook one a couple of days ahead, so I can have have the defatted broth and drippings ready to go and the dressing is ready to go in the oven as soon as the T-Day turkey comes out of the oven.
Be sure to pour some broth on the pre-cooked, pre-sliced turkey to keep it moist when warming up. Glad I have always been a "scratch" cook so it's very easy to tweak recipes to make them a little lighter. I love the flavors of Thanksgiving so personally for me it is all about portion control, so I need to have and eating plan and stick to it! Report
When I cooked a big (22 to 25 pound) turkey for my family, I would bake it breast side down in orange or pineapple juice instead of using butter. The meat was always nice and juicy. Gravy was very good without added fat or oils. There hardly was any leftovers either. Since I am alone now and one of my daughters usually fix the turkey, I don't worry anymore and just enjoy my family. Report
If you cook the turkey right you shouldn't have to baste at all. Report
Instead of basting my turkey, I slip my fingers between the skin and the breast to separate the smaller membrane. Do not disturb the stronger membrane that is between the breasts as it helps hold the cooking turkey together. Then place thinly sliced apple, celery and 2 bacon strips next to the breast meat. Season as you like it. Throw the rest of the apple, celery and onion into the neck cavity and tail cavity and cook in a cooking bag, or covered, as instructed for an un-stuffed turkey. Personally, I like to spend my Thanksgiving enjoying our guests instead of spending time in the kitchen, so I cook the turkey 2 days before the event and put it in the fridge to get cold. The day before, I take the meat off the bone, slice it, and arrange it in a baking dish. Keep the skin. I keep the legs and wings whole to place on top of the meat. Use the skin to cover all the meat.and keep it from drying out On Thanksgiving day you can pop it in the oven for a while, or serve cold. Remove skin before serving. You are free from carving, greasy hands, and dealing with a big mess of bones. Enjoy your guests. Report
I loved this article. Everything in moderation! I have already had my Thanksgiving Dinner being Canadian, so I wanted to suggest one more thing I used, a smaller plate. It tricks the eye and mind into thinking you have eaten more than you have. Happy Thanksgiving! Report

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