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5 Healthy Habits That Fight the Signs of Aging

How to Maintain a Youthful Appearance


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Great article! Report
Sleep is so important; whether it's 4 - 5 solid hours or 7-8. As long as you wake up feeling re-charged and ready for your day. Report
I was married by a judge.
I should have asked for a jury.
- Groucho Marx Report
Food for thoughts.... Report
I have trouble wearing sunscreen. It prohibits sweating for one, but also burns my skin. Report
Good ideas. Report
Common sense stuff but it is nice to be reminded Report
Don't drink or smoke so I'm ahead of the game. Report
Best advice - for a woman is to stop wearing makeup completely. None of it is good for your skin. Well into my 50s I had "perfect Irish skin" because all I used was a mild soap and Nivea. I also didn't go out in the sun because I am photophobic. My skin didn't age until I had to take medications. That and natural aging (thinning skin) did it and that didn't happen until age 62. Before then I was "lucky" because people thought I was 15-20 years younger. Always nice - to look younger but have the "wisdom" (questionable) of age. Report
After 30's, most people face the problem of aging skin. To fight with this problem one can use an anti aging cream like
nti-aging/total-repair-cr.html to maintain their healthy skin. Additional to this, one can also go for different supplements high in protein content which is beneficial for healthy skin. Report
Thank you for your very beautiful informative healthy aging..inside and out..I agree the more plant food I eat the more my skin glows Report
I would add exercise regularly, live a relaxed lifestyle, get plenty of sleep, and get involved with positive people instead of negative people to the greatest extent possible. Faith in God is a good means toward having a positive attitude and being involved with a good Christian church will help you meet positive people. I wear a wide-brimmed (usually cotton) hat and a shirt that at least covers my shoulders instead of wearing sunscreen; the hat also protects my eyes from UV rays, and it's just nice to have my face in the shade all the time. Report
RWOMMACK. I'm very interested in this product. Do you use anything on your skin in addition to this such as sunscreen or vitamin c? Report
@CRISTINA0115 Yes it helps, i have tried it like 3 years ago and i’m still using it. remember that you can no expect any miracles when you are ageing, especially don’t trust any creams, serums etc. You need solve the problem from inside, not outside. This is one of a few things that helps and trust me I've tried millions of them because i need to look good/young for my job. And the brand you are talking about is great i’m using the same. It is expensive, but quality products are not cheap and this is your beauty and health we are talking about so don’t be cheap. Report
I'm a 32-year-old women, and already noticing forehead wrinkles and little lines beneath my eyes. I want to know what my real options are. This hurts me particularly because my beauty and especially my skin is really important for me (it is by far the part of me that I get the most physical compliments on). I think botox looks horrid and i reject it. I'm 32 for God's sake! I'm too young to be old! Has anyone here heard of this brand? Read a lot good reviews on the internet. Does it really help? Report

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