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6 Tips to Deal with Daylight Saving Time

Time-Tested Ways to Cope with the Time Change


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I used to LOVE DST, but now that I wake up at 4:45 am every morning to work out, I am not looking forward to waking up at ... 3:45 am. Ew.

(Plus, I involuntarily crash out at 8 pm, preventing me from fully enjoying the evening sunlight)

I also laughed when I read APONI_KB' s comment about carrying a flashlight. Just this morning (which is a few days before DST), I was soooo overjoyed when I saw how quickly I was bathed in sunlight during my super-early-even-before-the-birds-start-tw
eeting-morning run. I guess I'll just have to enjoy the rest of this week! What can you do, right? Report
My husband and I used to have a rooster that started crowing every day at 4 A.M. as the change over to DST approached. The first morning of DST, it was 4:00 A.M., and no crowing. My husband wondered if something had happened to the rooster until I told him to just wait one more hour, chickens don't know about Daylight Savings Time. Only humans could invent such nonsense. I resent it every year. Report
oh goody, JUST when I was finally to the point where I could run in the morning without carrying a light Report
hahah how ironic I'd come across this article. I was JUST saying I feel like I should be in the bed by now lol Report
No problem for us in AZ. We are just hotter in the summer and warmer in the winter. Report
I agree that the gov't should stay out of it. If DST is so good, why not just be one it year round? AZ has it right - sorry Indiana that you no longer remain on Standard Time.
Many of us suffer from SAD and that is why people who are having trouble adjusting should see their doctor. Season Affective Disorder is more common at northern latitudes and for women but both genders can have it. Of course it makes sense that light sets our circadian rhythms by changing our hormone patterns so that's why women are more sensitive since we have our hormones in flux so frequently compared to men. What's also interesting is that our bodies are closer to a 25 hrs day so if scientists could get involved, they could change the way we rely on time in a day. It would improve our well-being and probably save lives in the process. So many time changes are stressors on the body and the mind, too.
Daylight Savings is a joke. Many studies are now concluding that it actually costs more in terms of energy not less. Right your legislators and ask them to reconsider doing away with it. I want to move to AZ anyway but this is a very compelling reason.
To be accurate, it's a semi-annual time, not, not a biannual (which would mean every two years instead of twice a year). :)

Do not like DST, really. Grew up without it and then our state adopted it, so some might say it's just what I'm used to, but the higher energy consumption without the economic payoffs we were promised is quite annoying. (No, the whole country didn't suddenly start doing more business with us just because our clocks changed!) Report
Wow... lots of really angry people commenting about clocks and the government. Must be grumpy.

This isn't the government conspiracy some of you have been seeing. Daylight saving time has been around since... well... it's ancient (try Romans and Greeks!). Then, DST benefited shift workers so that they would have more sun time after they ended their work. Today, it's used to consume energy spent on lighting, heating, gas, etc. when people use it the most- at night. Even with the .5% believed to be saved each year, that's a tremendous amount when you factor in that our world needs all the energy saving tools it can get.

So, please, love up on your Earth and treasure the extra hour of sunlight. And stop blaming the government for your minor sleep problems. Report
Are they serious? Call your health care provider? I don't know about anyone else, but my doctor is NOT going to get on the phone with me to discuss my issues with adjusting to DST. I don't get why we need it anymore anyway. We need more light in the winter. It stays naturally lighter in the summer anyway. We need extra light in the winter for energy savings as well as our well being. Keep the time change the way it is after we change it tonight. Report
I was surprised by the comments. I personally love DST (spring forward) because I have more accessible daylight after work. My place of employment is windowless, so now 11 years of no daytime daylight. With DST, I can walk the dogs at least in twilight, as spring progresses, I can garden after work, we can do yard work in natural light earlier in the year. I get to see sunsets, and feel afternoon sunshine on my face after work. During Eastern Standard Time (fall back) I go to work as the sun is just coming up and leave in the dark. And I never saw any affect of DST on my three children as babies or at any age. But that's just me. Longing for green grass and green leaves. Report
I could never understand why they claim it saving energy, I do not look at a clock to see if I need to turn on a light, it could be the middle of the day, if I feel I need a light or whatever, I use it. Report
I do not like DST. I understand why most people enjoy the extra daylight, but not me. I have never noticed it changing my life style or my even realizing it has changed. I would love to live in AZ! Have a great day! Report
I'm another who HATES having my clock messed with - I'm a night owl so messing with my mornings makes me very grumpy for the couple of weeks it takes me to adjust to waking up earlier.

This year, I've started backing my alarm up and waking up earlier to get ready for the change. As my husband points out, though, it just makes be grumpier now but hopefully it won't last quite as long. :) Report
They need to leave DST alone, I like having the sunset at 7PM! The rest of the 49 states need to follow suit, and the government needs to stay out of it. The reasons behind it are not good ones, there is still only 24 hours in a day and I really don't think it was for the farmers. Report
I HATE daylight saving. I was spoiled after living in AZ for so long that I can't get used to it now. It doesn't help that I have seasonal affective disorder, either. Report

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