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6 Tips to Deal with Daylight Saving Time

Time-Tested Ways to Cope with the Time Change


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Unlike the previous poster, I find I need more than two days to adjust. When I'm on top of things, I start moving my clock back in 15-min. increments a week in advance. Then I'm 'there' when the morning arrives.

Personally, I HATE dst--you don't "gain" or "lose" daylight; you just gain/lose a bit of convenience at the expense of all sorts of irritations (not least being confusion in international communication--since different countries start/end at different points, and the southern hemisphere moves in reverse of the northern, it becomes complicated twice a year to remember when it is where). When there was no/minimal electricity available, perhaps 'gaining' an hour made sense, but now so few people are dependent on natural light for their activities, it's a ponderous dinosaur that should be relegated to extinction. Report
i dont understand the people who have issues adjusting. my mom always changed our clocks before we went to bed on saturday night and i woke up on sunday feeling fine. even when i had to work at 4 in the morning i still had no issue adjusting to the time change. i like the spring time change better because that means longer days and more sun. the fall one makes me sad because then it starts getting dark at 5. i dont like that. Report
I LOVE the change in the Spring! I was so excited to realize it is this weekend! I hate the fall change and the gloomy dark days! Report
I don't understand how they can justify disrupting the lives of millions of people twice a year- especially in Spring when we lose an hour's sleep. It takes me weeks to re-adjust to DST. We should pick one and stay there. Report
I do not like the fall time change as much as I like the spring change, however it is wonderful to be here to see it. Report
I used to do a lot of international travel, skipping 4 to 12 time zones in one flight. I found it easier to deal with those time zone changes than with this ONE HOUR adjustment!!!

We're trying to get a jump on it by starting with the new time today. Report
I really hate the time change. I can't seem to adjust my internal clock. I can't sleep because I am not tired and then feel tired all day because I didn't get enough sleep. Takes me at least a week to adjust. I wish they would just do away with the thing. Think of all the money that would be saved by not having to adjust all the manually operated clocks in public buildings and elsewhere! Report
verall there are less fatal car accidents?? having nothing to do Im sure with there being no SNOW AND ICE on the roads. Report
I dread Daylight Savings changes because the time shifts seem to drive me nuts. Coming or going, I feel really draggy and get sick around that time; it might be a coincidence but it always happens. I spent much of my life in a place without time shifts, so maybe my body rhythm is affected more strongly than most. Report
I don't have problem with Daylight Saving Time because we don't have change of hour and everything is the same in summer, autumn, winter or spring. Report
I went bed 20 min earlier starting on Thursday and set my bedroom clock accordingly. On Saturday, I set half the clocks in the house and ate meals on the new schedule. I think it really did make today a little easier, especially since I had an early commute to work. Report
Sometime back DST was for 6 months, it's now 8 month of the year. they might as well make it permanent.
I don't like the change. I am a morning person and it throws me off my internal schedule.
And come Nov. I have to adjust all over again. Although I adjust easier to the fall back.
In a few months it won't matter. it will be light in the morning and at night.
Just make it permanent and let the time alone. Report
This has always been my least favorite time change of the year. I am much more of a FALL back kinda gal. But why can't we just pick one and stick with it. Now for months my body clock will be all messed up.........................sigh Report
I never understood why we have to change time twice a year. Do they do this in other countries? Report
I never understood why we have to change time twice a year. Do they do this in other countries? Report

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