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6 Tips to Deal with Daylight Saving Time

Time-Tested Ways to Cope with the Time Change


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It really doesn't bother me. For a few days I might think, well it would only be whatever time now. It passes quickly. Report
Wish we could just stay on the same time year round. With that said. These are good tips to prepare. At least I no longer work so it's not quite as hard to adjust to the change. Report
I hate DST! Report
Pretty sure that DST has nothing to do with any of this. DST is something that should now be gone. We get more daylight in the spring due to the fact that the earth is tilting toward the sun in a different manner than during the winter (hence why we have the spring and autumn equinoxes [the days that have equal daylight to darkness hours] and the summer and winter solstices [the longest number of daylight hours and the least amount of daylight hours]). Let nature be our guide not the damned clock on the wall. We still only have 24 hours in a day trying to adjust the clock to maximize the daylight just ticks people off.

I lived where there was no DST and it was heavenly not having to worry about the "lost" or "gained" hour. Report
Either stay on DST or go off it completely. This switching back and forth is terrible. When we lived in Indiana there was no DST. We managed fine. Report
I love the long days. Get up early before the rush then to lighter evenings great.

I use to go the work at 0230 and that didn't matter what the clock said it was always dark and light coming home at 1200

The science in this article is laughable. More accidents, more electricity use due to time changes? Really? Not due to changes in amount of light, snow and ice, heat and use of air conditioning etc? Correlations are not causation. Report
I woke up at 4:45 am instead of 5:45 am, but I've seen and felt the advent of the time change for at least two weeks. I'd been going to bed a little later and getting up a little later unless I had a sleepless night. I hope by Wednesday I'll have adapted to this nonsense.
I didn't gain an hour of sleep. I usually get up at 5 without even setting an alarm. Right on schedule, my body woke up, but now it was 4 am. Two hours later I'm finally seeing sunrise. Oh well, I'll adjust eventually. Report
I think we should just pick a time and stick with it. Arizona doesn't change their clocks and they seem to cope just fine. Report
I like the time change - Spring ahead - Fall behind.
Spring ahead more daylight for gardening, walking, visiting friends & relatives, etc.
Get everything done & drive to my favorite spots to see beautiful sunsets. Report
the time change never bothers me. For about a week I cannot believe how late or early it is lol But I get over it and life goes on as it has every year. Report
I dislike DST. That said, though, my biggest beef with this article is that SP posted it as featured on Monday. Tip #1 - start early, and change your clock early. How about posting it on FRIDAY, SparkPeople?!?!? Report
Well I am up at 2:00 am - I would have been happy staying on the same time. Going to work when it is dark and getting home when it is dark. Report

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