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What to Include in the SparkRally Description Box

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1) Only SparkTeam city leaders have the functionality to create SparkRallies on their Team page (see Tips for Hosting a SparkRally,

2) You can purchase a SparkRally Kit from the SparkPeople Store for $25 (Item: 999)

The SparkRally Kit includes a variety of fun SparkPeople merchandise that can be shared with team members at your next SparkRally! Includes:
- Team leader t-shirt
- 10 SparkPeople Window Clings
- 10 SparkPeople Workout DVD featuring a number of Coach Nicole?s favorite workouts
- 10 SparkPeople Key Chains

These kits are designed for 10 member rallies but can be ordered for any size gathering! The items are great for giveaways to keep your team members motivated and continuing to Spread the Spark! Report
I wondered the same there a place to post our SparkRallies?

Also, is there any kind of "kit" that SparkPeople supplies to those of us holding a Spark Rally? Report
what is a sparkrally description box? Where is it on the team page or how does a team leader create it? Report

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