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''I Walked My Way onto a Magazine Cover!''

How Walking Changed TERRAHNE's Life


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It’s always good when we accomplish our goals Report
Looking good. I believe the hard part is keep it off! Report
Hasn’t posted since 2014, how is she doing now? We all know how time changes everything, don’t we? Report
GREAT Report
Wonderful! Congratulations! Report
Awesome! Report
Way to go! Report
Congrats and THANX! Report
great. Report
Marvelous Report
So inspiring! Report
Great article Report
I hope the person in the article is still doing well, many of us have had good results, but they didn't last.....there should be updates showing the person every 6 months. Been there and done that. Report
I used to walk. In fact, it was my main exercise. But now I have back problems and can't walk for more than 20 min. before my leg goes numb. So walking for exercise is out of the question. Report

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