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Walking Workouts with Intervals

Training Programs for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Walkers


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I will start this right after I get my doctor's clearance next week. Report
I kept this walking schedule. It is very effective Report
Another option. 10...20....30, or actually the reverse.
There is an app called jog, run, sprint. can do it walking or ru walk.
Do your 5 minute warmup at your warm up pace.
Then walk a bit faster for 30 seconds.......up the pace for 20 seconds and give it your all for 10 seconds....your all, whatever that is.
Do 5 rounds, 5 minutes, walk at a moderate pace for 2 minutes, repeat 5 rounds, do a 5 minute cool down and you are done in 22 minutes!!
Researchers have shown marked improvement with this plan. Report
I also started from 5 minutes to currently doing 100 minutes Report
I was imtimidated by the Epiliptical machine, so I started with 5 minutes, 10 minutes and now 20 minutes Report
In the last 90 days I've begun to listen to my body, I thought this was hogwash until I learned to slow up and listen. Report
I've been told, the more you walk, the further you can walk the next time. This is doable for me. Thank you, SparkFriends! Report
Logistics with outside walking would be cumbersome. Probably work better with a treadmill. Report
I would think not everyone could even do this workout given with those high numbers on the side. perhaps its just a suggestion to go faster than what you think you can do...for outside its going to be hard, but just keep trying to do what you can do and if you feel like you are ready to drop over slow careful Report
Why is "extremely hard" less intense than "very hard"?? :D Report
If not walking on a treadmill, how would someone know what speed is what? -- Lou Report
Excited to get started on the next scheduled walking day! Report
I can't imagine trying to keep track of this, I would have to bring a clipboard and timer and keep stopping to figure out the next move Report
I am giving this a try again. Report
I have tried this before and liked it a lot.
My only problem is living in a rural area where there are no leash laws and a pit bull who has made my walking workouts outdoors come to a halt! Report

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