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How to Walk with Proper Form and Technique

The Art and Science of Fitness Walking


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Thanks for the info Report
Great information! Thank you! Report
Great information! Thank you! Report
great information Report
My mother always said when I was a kid, "You walk heel to toe". Great information! Report
Lots of good information. Report
great article Report
Good article Report
Good information but you are not taking into account that some of us have short legs and a short stride....try as I might, I cant get a faster pace than 18 min mile. According to your stats that puts me in a lower activity category than I am feeling! Report
This is great information to know. I try to walk everyday. Report
great article Report
So much good advice, hope I'll remember. Report
good article Report
Great information. Report
Tough hiking today went geocaching and ended up hiking a mile to several caches. Then had to hike back to the van. Did this 3 times along a dirt bike trail. A lot of sweating going on. Report

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