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How to Walk with Proper Form and Technique

The Art and Science of Fitness Walking


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While doing the arm-bent-at-elbow formation, I made the mentioned mistake of clenching my fists--not intentionally, but subconsciously. Then, my lower part of my arm started to hurt from elbow to my wrist. I figured out the issue and corrected, but I still have to consciously remember not to do that as for some reason, my body wants to default to a clenched fist. Report
The extended walk DOES have a period of suspension. The center of balance is not shifted forward. There is no real change in cadence either. For some of us with some respiratory problems this makes it so we can walk faster and with more normal breathing than we can run coughing and wheezing. Report
But I'm missing a big toe. That foot I know its not the proper way of walking. Did go thru PT, but it was hurting my knee. Thankfully I have shoes made out of a mold so they fit perfectly and in accordance to my style.

Never take walking for granted. I was in a bad accident years ago. Messed me up!! Walking I can do again. Every step is precious. Report
In mind we have a playmate store that runs regular good form walking classes holds 5k and videotapes your walks form to correct or improve the proper form Report
I walk with a stick; otherwise I find myself slowing down and zig-zagging without meaning to! Report
Great ideas! Report
Great tips! Report
This article had some helpful tips, especially about not increasing your stride in order to walk faster. I've been guilty of that. Report
Very informative article. I need to improve my posture while walking and increase my walking pace. Report
That was very helpful. I'm looking forward to putting these tips into practice. Report
Agree,my, too helpful article. I need to work on my posture while I walk. Report
thank you Report
This was one of the most helpful articles I read as I was developing my walking challenges and I keep coming back to review it. Report
Thank you for sharing. Report

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