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No Tricks! Just Healthier Halloween Treats!

13 Alternatives Kids Will Love


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All items that kids will toss in the "I don't want to see this in my bag, let alone eat pile!! Report
That's great to give alternatives but these are more for the adults because I GUARANTEE 99.5% of the kids who would get that stuff would chuck it! LOL It's up to the parents to make sure the kids don't go gonzo on the candy and portion it out for them per day and then take the rest to work or something. (I think if those suggestions were in the goodie bag brought to work, they'd still be the few stray pieces on the community food table come Valentines Day!) :) Report
Katie, to answer your question, we read the article because we WANTED to know about healthy alternatives to unhealthy snacks. I don't know about anyone else, but I just didn't think they were practical for Halloween! Report
Some good ideas here. A couple of my great aunts were diabetic, and always gave out dimes for trick-or-treat so they wouldn't have candy around the house, and I always thought it was a cool idea. For the past several years I have stayed away from candy, and instead gave out pencils, small canisters of play-doh,, and this year I'm planning to hand out packs of Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies crackers and a small sheet of halloween stickers. The kids are always so much more excited about these "unusual" treats than just another candy bar. Report
Wow, who spends that kind of money on Halloween candy?? I certainly don't.

Does healthy always equal expensive?? Even raisins...they're expensive...I feel guilty using a tablespoon of them on my cereal a couple times of week - and I'm going to give them out for Halloween? I don't think so! Report
All those complaining should perhaps reconsider before tearing apart some great ideas -- this is an awesome article, and can indeed be affordable and practical if you do it right. Buy in bulk, buy close to the 31st, find coupons in the stores and online, or even be bold enough to ask for a sample pack (Whole Foods doesn't hold back with it -- you can get a ton for free). If you didn't want to know alternatives to candy to hand out, I am confused as to why you even read the article? Sorry, but I just think some comments were unnecessarily cutting. I like the other comments offering creative alternatives like pretzels, cheap toys, etc. Nicely done! Report
YES, too expensive!!! AND what kid will eat organic candy anyway- especially on Halloween! That's a day that parents let kids have treats they may not normally give them. So, on the day that they actually get all this junk they like for free- ya actually think they're going to look forward to organic candy in their bag?! Please! Oh, another reason it's not practical: too many kids to give treats too! Report
These are nice alternatives for Halloween but not really affordable for me. We get too many Trick or Treaters to be able to fit this in my budget. Report
I agree with a lot of people here, the stuff there is too expensive and kids probably won't eat it. It's up to parents to limit their kids. Holidays, especially Halloween, were the only times me and my sister got to have candy and were limited on what we could have each day. We were given sweet breakfast cereal as a treat growing up instead of candy and cookies.
I'm not overweight today because I ate some candy as a kid, I'm overweight because I had bad eating habits as an adult. Report
You can always give out non-candy treats like pencils, erasers, mini toys, stickers, bells, whistles, glow sticks. Many of these type of items can be found in party stores or dollar stores for less than the candy and will last a lot longer. Report
There is no reason to waste money on products that will end up in the trash in almost all if not all of trick or treaters homes. Think about it count on getting the candy treats, popcorn balls, sugar rush etc.......all of us did, and I can guarantee the "healthy" stuff such as raisins etc landed in a pile for my Mom to either take for herself or toss in the was the one day a year I could go nuts. If you're truly worried about your kids candy intake, set a daily limit and teach portion control as many have already said.......and realize it's NOT your place to police other peoples kids candy consumption. Report
I really don't like the ginger chews (and I LOVE ginger), and I don't think most little kids would either. Report
I really don't like the ginger chews (and I LOVE ginger), and I don't think most little kids would either. Report
I really don't like the ginger chews (and I LOVE ginger), and I don't think most little kids would either. Report
These are some great alternative suggestions that should make us all think before we just grab whatever to pass out; however, they are costly. There are more inexpensive treats like bags of pretzels.

Yet, the snack-size of the candy does offer us the opportunity to teach our children about portion control. That's where the parents come in. As a parent, I'm already assuming the responsibility of making sure my children don't overindulge while allowing them to enjoy all the festivities of the holiday.

If you feel better about handing out organic earth balls and can afford to do so -- go for it; but, the bottom line is that just re-thinking a tad without going overboard can help with healthier choices.

Happy Halloween all! Report

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