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''I Walked From a Size 14 to a Size 8'' *

BONNIEBELLE2 Varied Her Walks to Reach Her Goals


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Great success, Bonnie. Thanks for sharing these tips. Report
Keep Sparking ⚡️ Bravo!!! Report
Changing up the walks, & doing other activities, kept her body off guard. Older article & proven over time to be an important component that muscle confusion.🐨 Report
Inspiration! Report
Absolutely Report
Thank you for sharing! It is very inspiring!! Report
thanks for sharing Report
Simply love to walk! Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for sharing. Walking does work! Report
I really like Leslie Sansone walking dvds--they are some of the few that you can exercise to and watch TV at the same time, as you can mute and just keep an eye on while you are moving because the movements are so simple. I have a small TV/DVD combo next to my big TV and pop one of Leslie's DVDs in when I am running out of time at night and want to watch something on TV, but need to fit in exercise before I go to bed. Report
Good for you! thanks for sharing. You look absolutely terrific. Report
Great article. Report
I keep walking and for some reason, this big butt keeps following me around! LOL

Walking has become he best medicine for me physically and mentally. I find the air clarifying to my brain. The only problem is stopping every once in a while and making notes of things I need to do in my iPhone! But at least I am being productive and multitasking.

Now, if I can only get my butt to jump off a bridge, all would be well. hehe Report
This is reassuring. I have always heard walking was the best long-term exercise. Encouraging to hear about your results. Thank you for your article! Report
I loved reading this article. I lost a lot of weight about 15 years ago, just walking and eating healthier. I have just started walking again and I am loving it. If I can help it, and I believe I can, I will never stop walking again as I now know just how important it is to keep doing it. Thank you for the inspiration! Report

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