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'I Lost 16% Body Fat by Walking'

Walking Improved My Life in Countless Ways


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Sensible, useful info! Thank you! It's refreshing to see an article that stresses how important it is to start gradually, build up & listen to your body. Great job! Report
The days get longer and the self go back to it's original state of being here on earth. It's great to be yourself and not some mixed up version of what the classics think it should be. Report
Thank you so much for this article! I really am an "all or nothing" person and before I read your article, I thought that "just walking" wouldn't really lead to a dramatic change in health and weight loss...THANK you for showing just how much focusing on that change can make a HUGE difference. I am going to get my walk on! Report
Been thinking about walking but was afraid of the effect on my knees,since I had surgery on 1 & the other has arthritis. But I see that losing the weight would benefit me in the long run. Report
Amazing. Keep the good work up. Report
So excited to read this as I embark on day one of a "no-cost exercise" month!
Thanks for your awesome and comprehensive advice!! Report
I love walking and here in the UK theres lots of places to walk in towns and country side.
August 2012 i made a pledge to my self to walk in any weather, 40mins in the morning to work and returning home 1hr. Its not been easy some days of working 14hrs i still walk and now i can see the pay off. Eating health making fruit and veg smoothies really makes a big diffrence.
I have bad knees sohave never jog or run and cant see the point , theres so much to see as you walk and de-clutter your mind. I say well done to every one and keep walking. Report
Walking has been a life savior for me!!!
Beginning in May 2012, I began walking daily, when weather allowed and sometimes even when it didnt.
I lost 70 pounds from May 12, to Jan, 2013.
Walking helped me relieve stress and sadness and depression, it got me out of the house and into the fresh air and sunshine, gave me time to reflect and think and work thru issues.
It strenghened not only my legs, but my back and the weight came helped increase my metabolism and helped me stick to a high protein low calorie diet.
Walking gave me time to myself, to listen to my music on my mp3 player and to feel the changes within me.
Walking was and hopefully will be a big part of my life.
On Jan 8th of this year, while walking...I broke my foot...stress fracture, and havent been able to walk turned out I had a very bad vitamin d defiency...and my bone isnt healing as quickly as it should.
But it was a clean break and no surgery, hopefully...if the bone begins to heal with the increase in vitamin d...and wearing the boot....
I have felt the effects of NOT walking...soreness in my body, and depression returning, and my diet is off...
I gained back at least 5 pounds that I had lost.
But I am not giving up or giving in...I struggle right now, with doing what chair and stretch band and weight exercises I can here at home.
But your blog inspired me not to give up and to just wait it out and let my foot heal and make sure I am physically able to get back on the walking track.
I love walking!!!!! Report
Thank you for your story. As someone who also has knee issues, obesity, and is not allowed (per doc and pain) to do high impact exercise, it is inspiring to me to see that losing weight and gaining health through walking is possible. Have you tried any walking dvds such as Leslie Sansone's or others for days you can't get out for a walk? I've found they really bump up my fitness level without tearing up my knees as long as I'm careful. I too would love to get a treadmill or treadclimber and am hoping for one in the future. Good luck on your journey - and with law school! Report
Each time I read about someone's success, I am encouraged and feel strengthened. Thank you for sharing... the pix are worth a million words. You did excellent! Report
You are doing really well. I love your ideas. Report

Thanks for sharing

You Go, Girl ! Report
I`m so proud of you,you are doing a great job,keep up the good work,this story gives me so much motivation,thank you for sharing. Report
I'm motivated again. Thanks! Report
This is awesome. I hope I can stick to it. I always get excited and then fade out. I need to just do it! I started going to the community center with my five year old who likes to run! I guess its good to start them early! Report

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