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Eating to Prevent Osteoporosis

Early, Continuous Prevention is Key


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Our family doctor just told me this morning that we in the Pacific NW need extra Vitamin D. For the last 4 years, he's been telling patients to take 2,000 units per day. That's the highest tolerable dose, according to this article (which has lots of other great info as well):
asp I am an info-junkie, so I love this kind of detailed discussion. After reading this story I think I'll start using Vitamin D, especially in the winter months coming ... Report
Heading to the grocery for a fresh supply of prunes (aka dried plums!) and going to ask for a bone density test. I've lost 3 inches in height and am only 51 but carried too much weight around for too many years...Thanks for the comments here to go along w/the article. Report
Thanks for the great information. I have to work at it to get enough calcium daily. Report
Good and thoughtful article. Though I am not lactose intolerant, there are many who are, and the suggestions here would not do for them. I would hope there will be more out on what to do when you can't ingest dairy!

My Mom was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 1998. That year, I got my first bone density, and was floored to be diagnosed with Osteopenia. I was surprised being very heavy, and thought that would help my bones. NOT!

I did not want to take any of the "bone" medicines, and chose to take Calcium instead.
In 11 years I STILL have osteopenia... I have added to my regimen in that time. I added magnesium for one. Then 4 years ago I started on Osteovalin, a healthy bone nutrient that I take daily. I am sure that is a big factor in my maintaining without going into osteoporosis. Then 2 years ago, I added 1,000 mg. of Vitamin D every day....and now am up to 3,000 mg.

My Father had osteoporosis too, so I work at this. The only thing I need to get serious about is strength training.

Thanks again for this article. Report
JACQUELINENH: I'm really anxious to check out the site you recommended for those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and/or prescribed fosamax. I fall into both those categories. Thank you, in advance, for your post! SPARKY1955 Report
This article--and the comments--are all helpful. It's nice to have options since I have problems with lactose, am allergic to oranges (no oj for me--ever--blech), and can't take a daily supplement (uti's every time within 3 days--even drinking lots of water). I'm worried about my bone density since I had a hysterectomy two years ago and so was forced into menopause. Report
Have you ever tried to avoid calcium - it's in everything! I take a medication that requires me to avoid calcium twice a day, and I literally have to take it on an empty stomach, because everything has calcium in it..... Report
I love Sally Field and how she has worked so hard to make women aware of osteoporosis. She said she didn't know anything about it until she was told she had it. Report
Hey! I've been eating dried plums myself (they don't want to be called prunes anymore - LOL)
I've been looking and looking for someone on here who noticed that study - I'm impressed with your doctor - mine is all about taking medications. So far I'm not taking boniva ... Report
The article was OK as far as it went. I lost a lot of bone even with a high calcium diet and plenty of exercise.

Last year my doctor recommended that I NOT increase my dairy intake, but rather take a Vitamin D supplement (1,000 mg daily) And it worked wonders on my lastbone density test. I had actually gained bone without medications - even at 54 years old and being menopausal now for 6 years.

My last visit with him he recommended that I add prunes to my diet. 10 prunes a day he said would really do my bones well. (It has something to do with the minerals in the prunes) So now I'm trying the prunes out and I can't wait for my next bone density scan. Report
I keep hearing how animal protein interferes with bone formation so I'm cutting back on the dairy I previously was adding into my diet ... sigh. It's so complicated! Report
Excellent article as always! I'm a big believer in exercise (especially weight bearing ones) as a way to boost bone health. Also, I am so intrigued by all the info coming out about diet, exercise, and the body's hormonal response. A really helpful "spark people friendly" article I read just about every day is this one from Women to Women:

Especially eye opening if you have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis and/or prescribed fosamax. Report
Just an FYI, some woman may have excellent bone density and as soon as they hit peri-menopause within 2 years they can be in ostopenea (start of Osteo). This onslaught against our bones is caused by our Hormones (lack of) that are depleting. It is important to get the "Hormones" in balance. I personally didn't want "drugs" so I'm going to try "Bio-identical Hrt". That's the synthisized hormone made from Yam & soy to duplicate our exact hormones. After researching for a couple of years this seems the best option for me. Evidently Suzzane Somers thinks so also, so we'll see. Report
I'am learning alot of good advice,I just joined and i am 53 years old,I haven't taken very good care of myself.But I'am feeling my age so I'll be changeing my eating habits now that i join the SPARKPEOPLE, Thank you Report
I know from personal experience that strength training helps. I was almost unable to walk. Had to use a cane at all times. I joined curves and started excersizing every day and improved so much that now I only have to use cane when I'm going to be doing a lot of walking. like to the mall ect. Report

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