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8 Cold, Hard Truths About Exercise

It's Time for an Exercise in Tough Love


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Good info Report
Lots to keep in mind. Appreciate the information! Report
Some cold hard truths, but I want to be brought back to reality on what I have to do to keep the momentum that was created with this program. Report
Good info and thanks for it. Report
This is an excellent article. Some tough love here but sometimes that's necessary. Report
thanks for the good article Report
I think of hwy I am doing this and it pushes me thru to continue Report
Even when I'm not looking to lose weight, I still try to move...... It's tough sometimes cause I just don't feel like it AT ALL! Once I push through to the other side I get into and don't want to stop... Exercise is good for me and you too! Report
You are what you think. Always think positive, empowering thoughts and your life will welcome positive opportunities! Report
I think that you are right on with these truths. Thanks for the information contained in your article. Report
@ ALF, Thank You :) Report
Well written article! I don't understand when friends say, "I went to the gym today, so I can have pizza tonight." Then they are disappointed because they didn't lose any weight even though they went to the gym. (And probably gained from eating the entire pizza) Report
You have got to be kidding me. Why would anybody spend any hours of their life doing exercise. Are you so desperate to fit in that you do things you don't like to do just so somebody will think you are "hot". You even pay people to get us to do it. (a light bulb should turn on here) As for health benefits guess what we will all age and we will all die no matter what you do at the gym. The most you are going to change it by is a few years one way or the other. If you don't get diabetes or heart problems you will certainly die of some other disease that working out can't prevent. You only get a certain amount of time to live and why waste it doing something you really don't want to do. Screw anybody who doesn't like how you look or what you do. My athletic friends are in worse shape physically than I am being sedentary because of overused joints, bad backs, bad knees and elbows, and all the other injuries they have accumulated over years of "being healthy". Professional athletes don't live statistically significantly longer lives than the rest of us so can exercise really be all that good for you. I guess if you are spineless enough to do something painful just to conform to societies norms then knock yourself out. Doesn't make any sense to me. Report
I agree with all BUT the first one.
"Working out will always feel hard" is totally untrue for me.
I hate to push hard, I hate to sweat, I hate when my heart is racing and I'm short of breath.
I tried that many times and always quit in 1-2 weeks.
So I started easy, small dumbbells and stationary biking.
When I got stronger and my routine was too easy even for lazy me, I changed for walking, running and yoga. I run 4 times every week, but never too fast, just comfortably.

I'm glad to see the positive comments about this article. So often when it appears, the same comments appear about it being "depressing" or "discouraging"

The truth is hard to accept. The article clearly states that any movement is better than none. At 69 I'm not headed for the Olympic team (not at 29 either). The point here is to improve, to challenge yourself and what constitutes a challenge is different for everyone.

My hard truth was the caution not to become an "active couch potato" - a vigorous workout followed by a day of loafing around.

As for calorie burn, your body knows what's it's burning regardless of the calories quoted. The point of the article is to take a hard, honest look at what you are doing, especially if you are not seeing results.

Weight loss/maintenance is 80% diet and 20% exercise. If you can't exercise then it's even more important to honestly track those food calories.

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