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8 Cold, Hard Truths About Exercise

It's Time for an Exercise in Tough Love


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Good Info Report
If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney ~ 3/4/18 70th OSCARS Report
The last two listed are what is very discouraging. I am supposed always exercise AND I have to always change it up. Losing weight and keeping it off is VERY hard! Nothing is ever good enough and not a goal that is ever completely attainable. Report
Thank you Report
Very interesting. I need to include strength into my routine. Report
Those are so true Report
These cold hard truths are in fact true! Report
This was a good article and so true but we all continue to look for an easier way that does not exist. Report
Great info Report
Very good article!!! Report
Very imformative Report
Great advice Report
Good, basic information to keep things in perspective. Report
thanks. Report
Good info Report

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