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Positive Self-Talk Leads to Success

Good Things Come to Those Who Believe


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great article Report
Needed this today. Report
Positivity is key! Report
Thank you. Positive self talk is what my psychologist is trying to drum into me😉 Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
That negative talk can be a real downer. Last year went back to Sarasota and had dinner with some old friends. One of them commented that I had lost a noticeable amount of weight. Then she looked at me and said "You certainly aren't going to stop, are you?" That took all the wind out of my sails. It was one of the factors in my decision to not return for a visit this year. Might sound silly, but it was too deflating. Report
Thank You. Report
Thanks for the lesson Report
great article Report
Great Article
Needed this today! Report
Life is a stream of choices...choose well. Report
thanks for the great article Report
YES I CAN Report
Excellent advice. It is amazing how a pep talk to ourselves can help with meeting our goals. Report

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