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The Truth about 'Natural' Sweeteners


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Sugar is sugar. It is designed to taste sweet and supply us with instant energy. If you don't need instant energy, don't eat so much sugar. Report
good article Report
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Thanks Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
Watch That Sugar Film. Since Big Food Industry adds sugar in all forms to processed foods, Americans are tricked into eating WAY more sugar. Remember sugar lights up your brain like cocaine. Addicting. Best to get it naturally from fruit and limit it . IMHO Report
Great Article! Thanks for sharing this one!!! Report
Good article. Report
Thank you for the interesting information Report
This is good info Report
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Informative article. Report
Great Article! Thanks! Report
Thanks, good article. Report
GREAT INFO!! I had "heard" that agave nectar was GOOD for us in comparison to granulated Sugar. NOT!! GLAD I read this!

I'll stick to plain old sugar which I don't use often any ways. Report

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