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What You Need to Know About Fitness After 60

6 Functional Fitness Assessments You Can Do at Home


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A great article. Will practice these to improve. Report
Great information thanks for sharing Report
Thank you! Great information. Report
thank you Report
Trying! Thank you! Report
Good information. Report
I was one of those person who exercised very little in my 40-60 years of age. I am paying for it now, but at least with Spark I am now on the right reack Report
Good article. Report
Harder than I thought but I did it! Report
adapt. Report
Good info to have! Report
thanks Report
God need-to-know information! Report
I really like Mr. Anderson's suggestions, especially when it concerns my age group. Report
This is a good article but it does not address people who have mobility issues. Like ones with arthritis like me ort ones who cannot raise their arms above their heads or who have bad knees. The chair exercise would be hard because of my knees and I would not be able to meet my arms ar hand behind my back because of my right shoulder. I think there should be a different test for people who have mobility problems. Report

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