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What to Wear When You Walk

Clothing, Shoes and Gear for Walkers


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Excellent share...Thanx! Report
I need tips for protection from the Miami rain. Report
I learned how to dress when I lived in Minnesota during the winters - silk, cotton, wool in those layers. Stayed warm when I need and took layers off when I didn't. Report
I am in the smaller group (I an not the only one in my family either) that need to look for cotton and stay away from synthetics because we react to synthetics and develop rashes. It has been getting harder these last few years to find 100% cotton. Report
Thanks for the tips. Rain, shine, sleet or snow, I have running gear for all seasons1 Report
Great tips! Thank you! Report
Great tips. Report
This was helpful to me! Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
Good article and good need-to-know information, thanks! Report
Under 3 layer from head to toe, the only part that was seen was my eyes. Very cold but I still worked up a sweat. Found out I really enjoyed the walk. Report
thanks for sharing... Report
Good advice Report
wear something bright so drivers see you Report
I dress for the trip home. 8-) Report

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