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What to Expect from a Spinning Class

The Most Fun You'll Have on a Bike!


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I need to look into this. Report
Do they still have spinning classes? This is a 2008 article. Report
Great article. Good information Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
I have a spinner bike in my home gym, I think my next reward will be padded workout shorts. Report
Thank You...………... Report
Never had a spinning class before. Maybe, after reading this article, I will take one. Report
Thanks for this one! Report
I wish I could find a way to enjoy spin class more. Report
Absolutely great Report
Good article. Report
If regular cycling has become dull, step up to spinning. Spinning has become increasingly popular with good reason: It’s a great cardiovascular exercise routine that doesn’t stress your joints. According to Everday Health You burn calories fast — a 130-pound woman can torch about 310 calories in one 45-minute spin class.“With combo spinning, you can bundle everything you need in one class, Those looking at taking up Spinning classes do check..Swap Cycling for Spinning Report
My husband has done his. Report
Thanks, Coach Nicole! Great tips! Report

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