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Video Product Review: Fit & Fresh Smart Portion Tools

Tools that May Help You Eat Healthier


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No audio for me. Report
The concept of measured containers for packed lunches and food storage is a good one. These container have secure cold packs and are bright and aesthetically pleasing and I was excited to try them. HOWEVER, I DO NO RECOMMEND THEM as the lids do not fit tightly and they leak like a sieve. The lids are hard to put on. I was told they were "leak resistant" (lol) which means that if they are not completely upright, the liquid contents will not pour out all at once but only drip out a drop at a time, I guess. I put lentil soup in it and it soaked all the other items in my lunch. I could see something like this for dry hard veggies like carrots, cauliflower, and snap peas, but don't put in anything like pineapple or canned mandarin oranges or you will have a mess. That being said they did allow me to return for a full refund and sent a shipping label to do it. The customer service rep did tell me that the "kid" containers ARE leakproof and are the same thing except brighter colors, so I think I am going to try them. They appear to include the ice packs also. Report
I am headed out tomorrow for BB&Beyond for the cutting board w my 20% off coupon. Looks like a slick item. Report
It's really helpful. I like the cutting board. Report
I love my fit n fresh containers. I didn't know about the cutting board set, i'll have to try that! Report
just ordered mine, thought the measuring cup on the cutting board would do me wonders. Report
I don't recommend these. After about 3mo of use the marks rubbed off of the containers, the lids do not fit well and they aren't high quality leftover containers like you would get from tupperware or rubbermaid. They leak and are hard to close.
If you like higher quality leftover containers, you'll be disappointed. Report
I just purchased mine through the Spark Store. I am excited to try it out. Report
I like the containers I have, but the numbers/markings have worn off after only 6 months or so of use -

I just bought the filtering water bottle - worked well the first time I used it - Report
I love these products, I have quite a few!~ Report
Coincidentally these products are available through by book club this month & I wouldn't have given them consideration before, but after seeing your video and quick demo I'm ordering both!!! Thanks for this timely piece! Report
Liked seeing the new products.

I love the cutting board with the ability to hook the measuring device to the board and move the chopped veggies to it.

I have a nice set of scales that I use most every day. Report
That is so helpful. Being prepared is really vital for success, otherwise you end up eating candy from the vending machine. Report

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