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4 Signs It's Time to Step Off the Scale

Does Weight Weigh Heavily on Your Mind?


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Great article, thanks for sharing. Report
I'd like to say that the scale doesn't pay a big part of my life but it does. I try to keep in mind that weight is more than a number on the scale and that BMI with weight, is an average. The scale depresses and angers me. I workout hard and I get no where. My clothes are probably a better scale. Report
The scale is only a tool that I use. Nothing more. Report
" It judges you on a superficial level." --- the scale does not judge. It only reports weight with a slight deviation (+/-2 pounds on my scale.)

I weighed myself every morning for 30 days and discovered that my weight can shift for a variety of reasons, meal times, what was eaten, how much water was consumed, muscle tension, and many other things that I would not have considered before. The results were so interesting to me that I later tried a 10-day discovery with the scale. I learned that I can shift my weight by stepping upon the scale softly or more aggressively. I can lighten my weight by half of a pound by only touching the shirts hanging in the closet. (scale is in the closet) I learned that if I wake feeling tired I weigh more than if I wake feeling refreshed. I learned that if I weigh myself immediately after waking I will weigh 1 pound more than if I move around for at least 10 minutes first.

In the end, I discovered that the scale is a tool that reports. It can help a soul stay on track if they only take time to understand what causes those little, but unsettling, shifts in the numbers. Report
Excellent article. Thank you. Report
I weigh everyday. It works for me. Report
I weigh in every morning. I use this as a tool to check that I’m remaining on track. If I have a gain when I think there should’ve been either a loss or maintain, I immediately check my Meal and Fitness Logs. There is almost always a correlation between the three. I don’t think I obsess, per se...but I definitely rely on the numbers to ensure that I haven’t strayed off course. I do get frustrated on occasion when everything should align but the numbers inexplicably increase, but luckily I have people who offer encouragement on those days. Report
I have actually refused to go to the Dr. when I was extremely ill because I did NOT want to step on the scale with winter clothes on. Last time I went, the patient notes read, “obese female”. I’ve come so far and I CANNOT deal with that! 🤪 Report
Stepping on the scale every morning is part of my routine. But I don't obsess about it Report
I haven't seen my scale in years, and I don't plan to go looking for it. Report
I weigh myself every morning, it helps me stay focused, if I have gained I have try to figure out why, most of the time I know the cause and it helps keep me accountable.!! Report
The scale is not the only thing but it is one of the things... Report
Great article Thank you. Report
thanks for sharing Report

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