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What to Do After a Workout

When Exercise is Over, the Work Isn't


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Thanks for sharing Report
A good reminder of things I knew but had parked in the back of my conscious=ness. Report
I try to do my workout before lunch, then when I am done, I have a healthy, on track meal and feel good about myself. Report
I cool down, then do a stretching routine and then I refuel. This works great for me. Report
After working out for 1 hr on the treadmill, I take a slow walk outside. Report
Hi Sir, is it good after exercise can go shower directly? how many minutes should I wait until I go to shower? Thanks. R Report
What do I do after exercise? I rush home, jump in the shower, and run like crazy getting ready for work, grab a quick breakfast and fix my lunch. Report
Without meaning to sound like a smart arse where was having a shower? Report
I need to stretch more after my workouts. Report
Thanks for sharing this. Report
After my workouts i usually shower then clean up my house, play with my kids and cook dinner then rest so im always moving :-)
Thanks for sharing Report
Never really thought about doing too much after a workout. Usually i go back to my desk , eat lunch and work (while eating). Now it'll be in my mind to make sure time is taken. Thanks. Report
I will definitely be doing this. So far I just fall into a chair or bed after my work out and wake up sore and stiff the next morning. Report
Great article. Report

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