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25 Ways to Get Fit for Less Than $25

Work Out on a Budget


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 great suggestions! Report
Lots of good ideas. Report
Neat article. Liked the links. I found some of the items even less expensive than listed here in this article. Also, it is the type of thing one can start an amazon list for everything you don't already have and budget to get one new item every few months, learn how to use it, and then incorporate it into your fitness routine for the maximum benefit--all while on a budget. I also joined challenges and then pledge to spend any earnings on fitness equipment. Works great. So far I've won a TRX knock off. Report
These gadgets are pretty cool. Report
Another budget idea. empty 2 one gallon milk container. Fill them close to the top as it narrows. There you have 2 seven pound weights. Mine is still being used after 8 months, and no refills needed. Report
Great suggestions. Report
Some good ideas, I'm going to try out. Report
good ideas ..thanx Report
Good choices. Report
Make it a priority to fill your eyes and mind with people, places and images that inspire you. Report
I am cheap. I have not went to a gym yet. I think about it and then say to myself, look where you are at. You can do it at home and be very successful. Report
For cheap, but good idea: Get an old milk carton, fill it almost full for 7 lb dumbell. Decrease for lighter weight. Report
Thank you. Report
Thanks for this list! Will be expanding my health and fitness equipment here @ home and this gives me some sound ideas about what I should get. Report
One of the comments left was by someone in a chair. If you go to the Spark Videos section, you would have to scroll through them, but they have tons of seated workouts. I have done a few of them just because I wasn't in very good shape and sitting was easier for me to get started. Report

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