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Syracuse Sparkers Reach Out

Local Team Members Join Forces to Help Their Community


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Your quilt is beautiful! What a wonderful way to get to know each other and share with your community! Report
Totally love the quilt. Congratulations all of you. You are an answer to those babies in neonatal care unit. Report
Congratulations Syracuse Sparkers. What you are doing for others is just fantastic. Keep up the good works! Pat yourself on the back too as you deserve it! Report
That is a beautiful quilt! Great job!

Thank you for helping others while you are helping yourselves!!!! Report
I LOVE the quilt!!! Awesome job! Report
As a Syracuse native, I'm so happy to read a story like this! Good job ladies! Report
Beautiful quilt. What an awesome job! Report
Gorgeous quilt! Syracuse Sparkers are really making a difference in the world with all of their charitable endeavors! Report
Bravo for all of you! Syracuse wouldn't by any chance be Syracuse Kansas would it? I lived in Tribune Kansas for over a decade, and am now in Oakley. Just thought I'd check and see. Keep up the great work! Please let me know by visiting my spark page sometime. Would love to hear from you.

~Diane~ Report
Great quilt! and wonderful ongoing project -- thanks! Report
Wonderful! Imagination is powerful! Report
That's a really beautiful quilt! The design is as lovely as it is clever - congratulations to you for all your fine work, Syracuse Sparkers!! Report
I think 'Wallah' might be spelled 'Voila'. It's french and it means something like
"there you are" Report
Congratulations on the AWESOME quilt...absolutely love it!!! And for a great cause too...Keep at it Syracuse Sparkers!!! Report
I think what your team is doing is AMAZING! A truly great & noble way to Spread the Spark! How wonderful that your group has challenged itself to not only achieve personal goals, but philanthropic ones as well! You are a tremendous inspiration! Keep up your amazing work!! Report

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