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Eat to Beat PMS

9 Tips to Feel Better All Month Long


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Nuitrition balance is so important. Report
Takk for at du delte dette med oss. Jeg vil gjerne legge til hvis noen som føler her angstdepresjon, kan kontakte oss på hjemmesiden vår for god behandling. Report
I cannot wait to not have periods anymore. Report
thanks Report
Good to know. Report
Great Tips! Very informative! Thanks! Report
Great info! Thanks for sharing this one! Report
Thank you. I hope these tips will help. Report
I've been learning how to deal with my PMS. It's pretty terrible.
My belly aches HORRIBLY. I get very bloated. I become very clumsy. Very tense. Too much activity around me, 'gets on my last nerve'.
(Just told my husband last month, that I was going to pass on a conversation that day because my PMS wasn't going to let it go over too well. lol I'm glad I recognized that.)

Once my period begins, all these go away and I finally feel like myself. But generally speaking, I only have ONE good week out of the entire month, since each week comes with it's own symptoms.

I do make sure I take iron for a few days around my heavy bleeding day.
Thanks for sharing... Report
Informative article. Report
"Schedule stressful events for the week after your period." -- Um, this is ridiculous. How are we supposed to "schedule" break-ups, firings, sickness, death, etc. *eye roll* Report
I have to laugh because most of the foods this article suggests we avoid during PMS are exactly what I crave and the cravings can be fierce! But, I'm trying to avoid them since I am trying to lose weight! Report
One of my secrets to dealing with PMS is to make sure I keep my iron intake at the proper levels. I have been talked to by my work about my "crankiness" so I had to do something. I don't want to take meds so I decided to do 2 things. I have an app that monitors my cycle so I know when heck week is coming and I added frosted mini-wheats to my diet. 1 serving gives 90% of your daily iron. Well, heck week turned into not so bad week. But I have only tried this for 1 month. BTW- I am so glad there is an article on spark about this, I hate going on the scale during the week and seeing the #'s go up by 3-5 pounds. It is frustrating along with the "I don't care" attitude that comes with it. Report

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