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The Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables


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Mushrooms can keep for a week in the fridge if you put them in a brown paper bag. It breathes so they do not turn mushy. Even if they get darker, you can still slice them up for a saute. Zuchinni last much longer also, just keep them in a cool place but not the fridge. Many people put all veggies and fruits in the fridge and most do not like it. Peppers, tomatoes do better out of the fridge just on the counter. I have had store bought toms last over a week, fresh ones for almost 2 weeks. Depends on the ripeness when picked. Report
some good guidelines - not 100% accurate but quite helpful Report
thanks Report
Not very accurate! Most of the items in the 1-2 day list last much longer. I can't find bananas that are even ripe enough to eat for 3-4 days. Report
Thanks but outdated Report
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thanks Report
Thanks . Report
Great information. Report
Good info. Thanks. Report
Great summary! Report
Sometimes longer Report

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