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3 Fresh Ingredients for Summer

Healthy, Hot Weather Fare


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I'd be really tempted to throw basil and/or eggplant in with these. My favorite summer produce! Report
I love all three. Cucumber sandwiches on a hot day really hits the spot. A little light mayo and salt and pepper is all you need. My husband is a tomato sandwich person. We haven't been successful in growing tomatoes and peppers (banana peppers) so we hit the local farmer's markets and stock up. Report
I love tomatoes, but despise cucumbers, their smell makes me ill, actually. Peppers are ok, but after a good month of using summer veggies, the family tires of them, same kind of taste, etc. And they are good for you, but not anything will be cured just because you eat them, over stated magic people!! Report
AND tomatoes and peppers are on the current list of anti-angiogenic foods that not only help to "kill back" the unwanted blood supply to cancer tumors, but also fat cells. That's a great thing for us!! And they are so pretty on my white salad plate. AND nut butter and vine-ripened tomatoes on Joseph's flax pita bread is delicious. Now, I just might need to make a substitution on my menu plan for breakfast. Thanks for the article. Report
I use all three of these ingredients as much as possible. I also supplement and add spark (pun intended) to my dishes by adding fresh herbs from my garden: mint, taragon, basil, lemon thyme, parsley and cilantro. I have just an 11' x 6' balcony and grow lettuces, peas and all my own herbs, plus have room for decor items, two chairs and four 6 purely-for-my-enjoyment containers of seasonal blooms! If I can do it in this tiny amount of space, you can do it, too! Report
Why not add all these items together with a little vinegar! Cucumber salad anyone? Report
I wash all fruits and vegetables with soap and water before I eat them. Is this enough to clean them of the pesticides?


AMIE Report
Great article. Report
WE grow our own tomatoes and cucumbers. THey're easy to grow and delicious. Thanks for another fine article, Liza. Report
Thanks for a great article Liza. You're right, there's no taste like a home-grown tomato. I grow cherry tomatoes and they rarely get into the kitchen. They're eaten as I mow the lawn. Report

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