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Do You Know Your Menu Watch Words?

Throw the Flag at Unhealthy Cooking


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Some great tips Report
Good to know. Report
I like these tips--so true! Report
Good tips! Report
Thank you for the suggestions and information. Report
Absolutely great Report
There are no words on the list that I do not already know & most restaurants have a online menu with lots of nutrition information so you can pick & choose ahead of time by what is in it & not just what they call it. If you go to the same places you could pick a few healthy choices to keep in mind. Where I live in Canada every restaurant has at least 1 heart healthy 500 calorie or less meal on their menu now, so even if you do not check ahead of time their will always be 1 healthy meal to have. Even the pubs here you can get information online & some pubs have a gluten free menu. Report
Thanks! Report
Gee whiz!! Report
Really good to be wary of these "watch words" on the menu. don't eat out often, but when I do, I try to make it as healthy as possible. Report
Good article. Excellent need-to-know information when eating at a restaurant! Report
Crazy menu words clarified. Report
Great article! Report
Asking the server doesn't help much, either. Most don't know one thing about how the foods are prepared. Be honest, if you are really worried, you may as well stay home and cook your own food. In your heart, you know what you are ordering may not be healthy.....but you want something tasty. Report

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