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Running Workouts with Interval Training

Training Programs for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Runners


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I will definitely do this when am through with the running plan, and after my first 5k. Report
I started doing the endurance program a few weeks ago and I love it! I used to only run for distance, but running for time seems so much easier for some reason! I'm always looking to switch things up on the treadmill and this looks like a great workout, I'm going to start the intermediate today!!! Report
I began interval training last week. I had been jogging at a rate of 5 mph for 1 mile so the first time I tried this it was difficult and I stopped after 12 minutes (the amount I had been doing). The second day I was able to stay with the entire program and now I'm hooked! LOVE it!! To those who have a difficult time with it I would say you could knock each mph rate down 1 or 2 depending on your ability and maybe do half of the program. Make it your own...don't give up...I lost 6 pounds this past week doing interval training and South Beach. Report
I tried the intermediate workout last night and it was too easy for me. I typically run a 10 min/mile and most of this workout was too much jogging for me. Again, I just finished a marathon last week so I'm in pretty good endurance shape... something like this normally wouldn't be easy for me! I think I'm going to continue to interval train, but design a program that's more challenging. Report
I've been training for a marathon for the past 4 months. The marathon is this Sunday (ahhh!) but I know I'm ready. After I give my body some time to heal after the marathon, I'm going to start these workouts on the intermediate level 3-4 times/week. I'll post again once I've started! I've heard GREAT things about interval training and dropping weight/fat fast. Report
I love interval training! Thanks for these new ideas!

Just one thing: I think the perceived exertion chart is off. I would switch 8 - "extremely hard" with 9 - "very hard". I would think "extremely hard" is harder than "very hard". I think it's just a typo. :) Report
I like interval training for the change-up and the challenge. thanks for the great tips and schedule. Report
Love this work out. I'm going to start it tomorrow morning first thing! Report
I like this workout. I'm gonna implement the beginner into my workout this Sunday. Report
I haven't tried this level yet as I just joined a few hours ago and I work nights. However, 5 years ago I lost 50 lbs. and I did a treadmill workout utilizing fast and slow intervals and works! The change in pace keeps it fun and you're occupied with how many minutes of jogging, how many minutes of walking, that the time goes by rather quickly. Good luck everyone! I pland on starting this today! :o) Report
I am not a runner and I own a treadmill that according to my husband, "If it was a car it would not know what an oil change is," but I began to do these intervals the past week and I enjoy them a lot more than just getting on the treadmill and walking and/or just running. I moved on to intermediate this week. I hope these intervals work. Just one question, how many should I do a week? Report
I walk on the treadmill for an hour 3-4 times a week at doing intervals of 3.5 to 3.8, lift weights 2 times a week and weigh 155, do you suppose I could give this beginner level a whirl? I've never tried jogging before.

martchantilly Report
The terms jogging and running refer to specific types of movement. When you are jogging, one foot is touching the ground at any one time. When one is running there is a "flight phase" where both feet are off the ground. Report
i'll definitely try the beginner intervals some time soon! the only thing that bugged me about this article is that, apparently, unless i'm going faster than 10 minute miles i'm not actually "running," i'm just "jogging." but i guess the whole "run" vs "jog" thing is kind of a pet peeve for me ;-) Report
Aaaa! Disregard my previous comment, I was obviously reading the chart wrong!!! (Blushing!) Report

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