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Running Workouts to Build Endurance

Training Programs for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Runners


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I read this article and find it interesting and good for those who still can run. Report
Love this workout Report
Love this....stair climbing. I am getting better at it. Report
Seems high for beginners. Report
Why do yu have beginners running at 6 mph? You don't even have the intermediates moving that fast!

Is there a program somewhere that could help out new runners like me, who think 5.5 is fast? Even when I wasn't 55, that was about top speed for me.


Thanks very much for sharing. I was hitting a block looking for a few new treadmill interval programs. I appreciate your time and help with posting this. Report
This is a great article. I sure wish I could run. I may check into the walking article. Thanks Coach Jen! Report
This is such a great, informative post – it motivated me to take a look at how I manage my day, and even made my realize the stress and frazzled-ness I had while reading. I’ll definitely put this method on me and These are all great tips! Thanks for adding to this conversation Wally
I have to laugh at these times...I always have to adjust the speeds to fit me... Report
I am a slow runner--my very best 5K pace was 11:36 and I was struggling at that. So the 8 minutes at 6 MPH may be a higher exertion. Do I push to do that, even if it is really hard?? Report
I've always wanted to become a runner, not for competition but for myself. This looks easy enough to follow. Report
Thank you very much, with this I will be able to imporve my 5K time. 3 weeks away from my virtual race day. Report
Enjoyed this but how often should I do this? Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for this article, Jen!

I began walk/run interval training in June. In another few weeks I'll be ready to begin focusing on building endurance. So, I found this article to be timely. Report

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