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VIDEO: The Most Inspirational Story Ever

A Story of Love and Courage Against All Odds


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I could not control my tears. Beautiful. Gives me hope for the human race. Report
Very Inspirational!
Very aspiring! Report
So touching. Imagine if his parents had followed the doctors advice & institutionalized their son, what a waste of an intelligent mind & wonderful life. Report
An inspiring story of unconditional love, dedication, and commitment! Thank you for sharing! Report
Tears rolling.So heart touching. Bless the both Father and Son. Report
Wow! what a moving testimonial and what love. Report
Oh Myyyy! Very "AWESOME" video!!! Wowwww!! Cried most of the time while watching it. Truly "Inspiring". A "prime example" of how we "CAN DO" ALL things through Christ, which strengthens us!! Against ALL ODDS. AMAZING!! Just cryng here. So very AMAZING!!! Report
I thought my 3 mile walk in 90+ degree humid weather carrying a water bottle was brutal. I have nothing valid to gripe about. GO TEAM HOYT!
This the best. Very touching. Report
Beautiful! Just Beautiful! Left me with happy tears. Report
I think this is the most remarkable story ever told. What dedication and inspiration! We can overcome anything that comes our way! I truly believe that!


Nola Report
Oh Chris, this is such a tear jerker! It really touched my heart, the amount of love his Dad
has for him. He graduated from high school & college, and he can talk to certain extinct.
My question is how long do kids with this illness live? Will Dad out live the Son? Nevertheless, it was awesome! Report
How inspiring a story, both the absolute love and dedication of Dick and the courage and determination of Rick--to go to school and achieve a degree against all the odds he faced.
This earthly father represents the love our God has towards us and a sterling example of what. it means to follow in the steps of Jesus--the steps of LOVE. Report
I've seen this video before, it's so inspiring and it touches my heart & my soul every time
I watch this video. It also touches my eyes. I hope you have a Fun-Filled & Blessed
Friday! Report

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